024  |  The 鑫苑棋牌 Challenge: Visual Analytics Competitions with Synthetic Benchmark Data Sets


In this episode we talk about the 鑫苑棋牌 Challenge, a visual analytics contest organized every year. The 鑫苑棋牌 Challenge is co-located with the IEEE VIS Conference, the premier venue for academic work in visualization.

The 鑫苑棋牌 Challenge has many unique features (like the generation of synthetic data sets with injected ground truth) 和 this year for the first time it features a predictive analyticsdesign mini-challenge. (Stephen Few has also discussed this too 这里.) You should definitely check it out.

We talk with Prof. Georges Grinstein from UMass Lowell 和 Celste Paul from NSA. They give us lots of details about how the data is generated, how the entries are evaluated 和 how it looks like participating to the contest.

You guys should actually give it a try 和 rock it!

[Sorry no episode chapters this time]



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